Saturday, July 22, 2017

twisted sister...

...another step on the path 

to the ordination of women

Sister Pierrette Thiffault, a woman playing priest.

Sister Pierrette Thiffault of Témiscamingue celebrated a marriage this weekend, a first in Lorrainville, Abitibi-Témiscamingue for the Catholic Church,  as the celebrant for a Novus Ordo mess.  Sister Pierrette wrote the Vatican asking for permission to witness marriages, after all she has been baptizing since 1984 in Latulipe and Moffet, so why not marriage too?  (The local bishop granted her the privilege to baptize.) She told the local press, “I can not marry. I am not ordained and it is not in my function.”  Well, it wasn’t until she received a letter from the Congregatio de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum (The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments) on 23 May 2017 granting her permission to preside over a marriage ceremony.  Thiffault said of the letter, “When I got the answer, I felt a responsibility and a great dignity.”  Thiffault sees great importance in this, “It is a great service to the Church, but to me too. It is an opening for women in our milieu, but also in the diocese.”  There’s a reason Pierrette Thiffault was given the nickname ‘pastor’ by her bishop, Dorylas Moreau .

Sister Pierrette performing a baptism in an unidentified church.

Did they get to meet Francis?

Can you find the twisted sister?

‘I now pronounce you husband and wife...’

the barstool theology of Francis

The Stupid... It Hurts!

Zionist terrorists murder 91 people on July 22nd, 1946

The aftermath of the King David Hotel

Terrorism Wins A Homeland

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Par for the course when you have “three Martinis a day”

Thomas ‘three Martinis a day’ Rosica just cannot help himself.  When he is not busy blocking half the world from his twitter account, he fills his time by denigrating the Holy Family.  In the past he said that the Holy Family was irregular and this time he’s still showing little respect for the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus as he depicts them riding a bicycle to save the environment.  Didn’t Jesus the Christ save the world already?  The lamebrained imbecile is probably very excited that the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 theses will be coming up shortly.  He’ll most likely blow another gasket when he sits down and reads what the blogosphere has been saying about him recently but this Noahide closet Mormon will smugly think to himself, ‘I work for Francis the new evangelization, Who do those anonymous rigid haters think they are?’  And to think this man has his own television station (Pepper + Darkness) in addition to being the English language media attaché for the Holy See Press Office.

The Booze Brothers

(click image to enlarge)

Antonio Spadaro, friend of Francis and editor in chief of the Jesuit-affiliated journal La Civiltà Cattolica, with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, friend of Francis and Archbishop of Manila, in an apartment in Quezon City, National Capital Region, Philippines.  Spadaro’s text accompanying the photo on twitter was, “It’s always a party!”  Everything with these people is always a party.  What’s up with Francis and his friends being all touchy-feely?  We hope the two remembered to recycle the empty liquor bottles after their soirée else, they would have fallen into mortal sin.  Thanks to Vox Cantoris who brought this to our attention with the post, Me, and my buddy.

Who are we to judge?

George Neumayr interviewed by Tom Woods

The Political Pope by George Neumayr

Ep. 952 Pope Francis: The Political Pope

 George Neumayr & Thomas Woods, Jr.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Once it has been denied, it then becomes official!

“...the Lord does not abandon His Church, even when the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.”

Georg Gänswein, ‘the words of the pope 
emeritus are being misconstrued’

Oh, the perils of being a modernist... one understands what you really mean!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sister Cristina is back and singing about the Kabbalah & Midrash

The song ‘Hallelujah’ was written by Leonard Cohen.  The concepts in the song are portrayed to the unknowing and ignorant public as biblical when in fact, they are Talmudic and Kabbalistic (see, The Midrash and Kabbalah Behind Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”).  ‘Hallelujah’ is a demoralizing song, designed to undermine the listerner’s faith in God, and an anti-Christ one too.  Cohen was a descendant, on both the maternal and fraternal sides of his family, from many celebrated rabbis, including Zionists and foreign agents of B’nai B’rith.  Cohen was an unofficial high-priest of the kabbalistic rabbinical talmudic religion. (In the linked Cohen video, Cohen recites part of the Amidah invocation, see ‘Amidah’ in The symbolism of the gifts Francis received and gave while at the Great Synagogue of Rome for more information.)

Suor Cristina sings ‘Hallelujah’ for the Ronald McDonald House

The Novus Ordo to Noahide 
— alchemical transmutation
is almost complete!

Francis isn’t pleased with new vocations

Below is a translation of a recent post from the blog, Benoit-et-Moi 2017, which reveals Francis as a sour puss, who hates anything that resembles piety towards Christ even remotely in a modernist form.  One can imagine the glee he would have shown had this been a group of new graduates from a rabbinical school instead of conservative members of the Novus Ordo.

Brief of [Casa] Santa Marta

A disturbing anecdote that is conveyed to me by a priest—reader (18/7/2017)

This story dates back to a few days ago. It is not an isolated fact, but an episode that shares similarity with many others, and which reveals a rather disturbing facet of the personality of the pope, at least one far removed from the cordial Francis shown by the media. This same priest confides to me: “An Argentine friend, who knew bishop Bergoglio well, tells me that he can be very hard with the weak.”

The reliability of the source (of which I do not wish to reveal the identity, but who is a known personality) is above all suspicion.

The Last History of [Casa] Santa Marta

A group of young priests from the same diocese, who have just been ordained, made a pilgrimage together to Rome. They are not traditionalists, but young priests of today, white shirt with small collar, classical, pious, normal, very happy with the gift of Christ they have just received. They naturally asked and got to lunch at Santa Marta and to be introduced to the Pope, and also to concelebrate with him the Mass of the next day.

They arrive at Santa Marta, at the appointed time, and put themselves in the place that is indicated to them. A secretary tells the Pope who is coming to them. The Pope: “Where are you from?” They, all proudly: “Of the diocese of X”. He, with the look of bad days: “Ah, in X, there are still many priests. This means that there is a problem, a problem of discernment.” And the Pope continues to walk on.

The young priests, aghast, look at each other, consult, and skipped eating. And the next day they dispensed with the concelebration at Santa Marta.
source: Benoit-et-Moi 2017, Brève de Sainte Marthe

Monday, July 17, 2017

Emmanuel Macron shills for his masters


Emmanuel Macron, the pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, anti-family, pro-Moslem, pro-immigrant, and rumored to be a freemason, toes the party line for his anti-Catholic bankers and rabbis.  This former employee of the Rothschilds claims to be a Catholic however what type of Catholic would begin a sexual relation at the age of 15 with a married women?  Much less one who is almost 25 years his elder?  Brigitte Trogneux, Macron’s handler and current wife, was married at the time to André-Louis Auzière whom she has three children by but Macron carries on a clandestine ‘relationship’ with her.  Not exactly Catholic behavior is it?  We put quotes around ‘relationship’ because Brigette should be charged with statutory rape of a minor under Article 227-27 of the French Republic.  One year after divorcing her husband, Brigette got hitched to her boy toy.  Brigitte nicknamed ‘Bibi’ is not only Macron’s handler, she has steered his career including his 4 year stint at Rothschild & Co. before departing for a position in François Hollande’s cabinet and his recent election.  According to the World Jewish Congress, whose Chairman of the Governing Board is David René de Rothschild, they “look forward to fighting racism and xenophobia” with Macron.  It is symbolic that President Macron and his sexual predator wife Bibi are implementing the anti-Goyimite and anti-Catholic program of their masters — how more perverted can they be?  They better enjoy their lives now because where their heading isn’t a pleasant place.


(left to right) Brigitte Trogneux, Baron David de Rothschild, Emmanuel Macron, Plenipotentiary Minister of the Israeli Embassy in France Marc Attali, and unidentified woman.

Emmanuel Macron performs a symbolic gesture at victory speech on election night.

The glories of the French Republic

Uh oh, Venezuelans, Francis is continuing to pray for you

Every time Francis comes forward with a new prayer request disaster befalls the intentions.  Most famously was the war in the Ukraine.  Almost no one recalls Francis praying for the Ukraine because that was the same infamous day his two ‘peace doves’ were attacked.  The result of Francis’ prayers for Ukraine was that the president decided to dissolve the parliament and thing hurriedly got worse.

Francis has been asked about the Vatican’s diplomacy concerning Venezuela in two interviews.  In the first both sides criticized the Vatican’s meddling.  Francis explained that everyone has to come out a winner except for the Vatican in Venezuela.  What!?  How about acting like a pope and condemning the un-Catholic behaviors that are happening for starters?   In the second interview Francis says that the reason for failure is that the parties involved can’t agree on anything.  Isn’t this the same chaotic way that Francis runs his bureaucracy?  Hey Francis, what happened to that ‘unity in diversity’ bunk?  It doesn’t work in the real world does it?

Here’s what the situation looks like: the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, says that the bishops don’t want to dialogue; Francis tells the bishops he has their back; the opposition is upset with the Vatican for dillydallying around; behind close doors Francis attempts to help Venezuela with refinancing their debts; and very quietly, Francis says he is concerned about the situation.  And it goes on-and-on-and-on around in a merry-go-round of insanity spiraling ever so more out of control with each revolution.  It is becoming increasingly apparent to the world and to Venezuelans that Francis has no clue about leadership and that he is not about to publicly castigate a fellow revolutionary.

Francis has been called a Marxist and a communist many times before and says this label doesn’t offend him.  After all he believes that “communists...think like Christians”.  The one thing which which says all you need to know about Francis and Venezuela is that according to Nicolás Maduro, God is on Francis’ side.
 “We know that our commander (Chavez) has gone to heaven and is face to face with Christ. He must have made such an impression for a South American to be chosen Pope.”
“A new hand arrived and Christ said, ‘Well, the time for South America has come.’ At any moment now (Chavez) will call for a constituent assembly in Heaven to change the Church, so that the people, the true people of Christ will govern the world.”
Nicolás Maduro at the 10th International Book Fair of Venezuela, 13 March 2013


Sadly, look for things to increasingly go south in Venezuela.

the new evangelization in France

The ordination of Manoj Visuvasam performed at the Rodez Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez) in Rodez, France

Ah, isn’t the unity of liturgical diversity great!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vive la république!

As we watched this video we were struck by the resemblance of Paris to one of the better neighborhoods of Tangier, Morocco.

This de-Christianization of Europe is the goal of Israel; the Freemasons; Francis (1) & (2); Putin; and the rabbis (1) & (2).

Description with the video:
Published on Jul 15, 2017
Just stepped outside my apartment, started filming for 45 minutes and didn't stop.

*For those who are confused by the point of this video, the point is that France is changing forever due to mass immigration. The people in this video were not speaking French, the women were not wearing their hair in French Braids, they had their head scarves on. When I was driving from the airport I saw people being fed from volunteer aid vans in the Syrian zones and coming up to your cars with signs in Arabic. The posters on the walls and the protesters yelled refugees welcome. Much of what you are looking at is not legal or proper migration and assimilation. France will not be France for long.*

Chabad Rav, David Touitou, explains it all...

Modernist rats scurrying about and fighting on a sinking ship

and at the funeral of Cardinal 
Joachim Meisner no less...

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the Prefect of the Papal Household for Francis and Personal Secretary of the Benedict XVI read the following message (see below) at the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner from Benedict XVI.  Meisner was one of the four dubia cardinals of Amoris Laetitia fame.  Not to be outdone, Francis also had a message for the attendees at the funeral (which no one in the press paid attention to) read by Archbishop Nikola Eterovic.

At this hour, when the church of Cologne and faithful from further a field gathered to say goodbye to Cardinal Joachim Meisner, my heart and thoughts are with you also, and gladly accepting the invitation of Cardinal Woelki, I wish to address a word of remembrance to you.
When I heard of the death of Cardinal Meisner last Wednesday, I did not want to believe it. The day before we had talked on the phone. His gratitude for the fact that he had been on vacation after he had participated in the beatification of Bishop Teofilius Matulionis in Vilnius on Sunday before (June 25) was clear in his his voice. The love for the Church in the neighboring countries in the East, which had suffered under the Communist persecution, as well as the gratitude for the withstanding the sufferings of that time, shaped his life. And so is it is no coincidence that the last visit to his life was one to a Confessor of the Faith in those countries.
What particularly impressed me in that last talk with the retired Cardinal, was the loosened joy, the inner joy, and the confidence he had found. We know that this passionate shepherd and pastor found it difficult to leave his post, especially at a time in which the Church stands in particularly pressing need of convincing shepherds who can resist the dictatorship of the spirit of the age and who live and think the faith with determination. However, what moved me all the more was that, in this last period of his life, he learned to let go and to live out of a deep conviction that the Lord does not abandon His Church, even when the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.
Two things in recent times which pleased him more than anything:
  • On the one hand, he has always told me how deeply he in the Sacrament of Penance, how young people, especially young men, are experiencing the grace of forgiveness - the Gift, they have found the life that only God can give.
  • The other thing that has always touched him and gave him joy, was the quiet growth of Eucharistic Adoration. At the World Youth Day in Cologne this was a central point for him - that there was Adoration, a silence in which only the Lord spoke to the heart. Some Pastoral and Liturgical experts felt that such silence in looking at the Lord can not be achieved with such a huge number of people. Some were also of the opinion that Eucharistic Adoration was overtaken as such, by the Mass, since the Lord would be received in Eucharistic bread and not be looked at. But that this Bread can not be eaten like any food, and that the Eucharistic sacrament "welcomes" all dimensions of our existence - that reception must be worship, has now become very clear. Thus, the time of Eucharistic Adoration at the Cologne World Youth Day has become an interior event, which remained unforgettable to the Cardinal.
When, on his last morning, Cardinal Meisner did not appear at Mass, he was found dead in his room. His Breviary had slipped out of his hands: he was praying as he died, looking at the Lord, talking to the Lord. The death that was given to him, shows once again how he lived: looking at the Lord and talking to him. So we can confidently recommend his soul to the goodness of God. Lord, we thank thee for the testimony of thy servant Joachim. Let him be intercessors for the Church of Cologne, and on the whole Be earthly! Requiescat in pace!
source: Fidem in Terra - Faith on Earth, Benedict XVI's Message at the Funeral of Joachim Cardinal Meisner 

The chutzpah of Rabbi Ratzinger!  He sheds crocodile tears over the mess which he helped bring to fruition!  Benedict XVI when he was younger saw to it that a witch’s brew of chaos was put into effect during the Second Vatican Council.  This same chaos used to be his playground but now he fears it might be no more if it weren’t for the Lord!  What’s the matter, Benedict XVI?  Your fellow modernist Francis doesn’t like the smells-and-bells as much as you do?

Fr. Joseph Ratzinger as a theological consultant at Vatican II helped create a huge mess. 
Notice he is dressed in a coat and tie. This was before he learned to love smells-and-bells.

Things are going to be getting mighty interesting 
when ‘humble’ Francis hears about this!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Cardinal Joseph Zen says Francis is “confused” for backing the Red Communist Chinese’s catholic bishops’ conference

Zen demonstrates a common sense logic that
(in the best case) Francis is severely lacking

Francis hangs a sign on the door of the entrance to his Casa Santa Marta apartment

 The door to Francis’ apartment with sign.

Close-up of the sign given to Francis
The sign reads:
Offenders are subjected to a syndrome of victimism that lowers the mood and the ability to solve problems.
Sanction is doubled if the offense is committed in the presence of children.
To become the best of yourself, you must focus on your own potential and not on your own limits, so stop complaining and act to change your life better.

Salvo Noé presenting Francis with his literature after a general audience.

That sign is an invention of a psychologist and psychotherapist with a biblical sounding name, Salvo Noé, author of books and motivational courses. In one of his latest publications he has dedicated a few pages to Bergoglio. On 14 June, at the end of the hearing in St. Peter's Square, Noé had the opportunity to greet Francis for a few moments: he gave him a book, a bracelet and the sign which was immediately appreciated by the pope, who replied: "I will put it outside my office door where I receive people." Presently, the Pope's "office", where audiences usually take place, is in the apostolic palace, whose austerity and beauty do not really match well with that warning, and a bit goliardic sign. So Francis decided to hang it out of the door of his apartment in Santa Marta.
source:  Vatican Insider, The “No complaining” sign at Pope Francis’ door

Francis laughing at Salvo Noé’s sign.

 Psychologist Salvo Noé showing Francis his book.

Noé also gave Francis a bracelet to wear.

 Francis sure did get a lot of swag from Noé!

 The two seemed to hit it off.

 Francis waves adios to his new motivational coach.

 The bracelet reads, “Stop complaining”

Laughably, according to Rome Reports, this phrase
is the attitude with which Francis runs his papacy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Francis is a Latin (American) styled ruler who reigns with confusion and chaos

Holy Smoke with Damian Thompson & Dr. Ed Condon 

Unspoken of in the interview are two items.  Firstly, is that Francis ruled in Argentina with the same dictatorship of confusion he is presently using.  Secondly, is the role Opus Dei plays in managing the public message of Francis through its control of the Holy See Press Office and with its many media proxies.


Francis invents a fourth way to become a saint

the new rules

Who’s eligible?

“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John15:13).

These Christians, who following more closely he steps and teachings of the Lord Jesus, offered voluntarily and freely their life for others and persevered in this intention up to death, are worthy of particular consideration and honour.

It is certain that the heroic offering of their life, suggested and sustained by charity, expresses a veritable, full and exemplary imitation of Christ and it is why they merit the admiration that the community of the faithful usually reserves to those who voluntarily accepted the martyrdom of blood or exercised the Christian virtues to a heroic level.

With the support and favourable advice expressed by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints that, during the Plenary Session of September 27, 2016, studied carefully if these Christians merited Beatification, I have established that the following norms be observed:

Art. I

The offering of life is a new individual case of the procedure of Beatification and Canonization, distinct from the individual case on martyrdom and on the heroism of virtues.

Art. 2

In order to be valid and effective for the Beatification of a Servant of God, the offering of life must respond to the following criteria:
a) Free and voluntary offering of life and heroic acceptance propter caritatem of a certain death and at short term;
b) Link between the offering of life and premature death;
c) Exercise, at least in an ordinary manner, of the Christian virtues before the offering of life and, then, up to death’
d) Existence of a reputation for holiness and signs, at least after death;
e) Necessity of a miracle for Beatification, occurring after the death of the Servant of God and through his intercession.
Art. 3

The holding of the corresponding diocesan or eparchial investigation and the Positio are regulated by the Apostolic Constitution Divinus Perfectionis Magister of January 25, 1983, in Acta Apostolicae Sedis , Vol. LXXV (1983, 349-355) and by the Normae Servandae in Inquisitionibus ab Episcopis Facendis in Causis Sanctorum of February 7 of the same year, in Acta Apostolicae Sedis Vol. LXXV (1983-396-403), under reservation of what follows.

Art. 4

The Positio on the offering of life must respond to the doubt: An constet de heroica oblatione vitae usque ad mortem propter caritatem neenon de virtutibus christianis, saltem in gradu ordinario, in casu et ad effectum de quo agitur.

Art. 5

The following articles of the quoted Apostolic Constitution are modified thus:

Art. 1:

“To the diocesan Bishops, to the Eparchs and to those assimilated to them by law, in the framework of their jurisdiction, be it of office, be it at the request of the faithful themselves or of legitimate Associations and their representatives, is the right to investigate the life, the virtues, the offering of life or the martyrdom and the reputation for holiness, of offering of life or of martyrdom, on the alleged miracles and, eventually, on the old devotion of the Servant of gGd for whom Canonization is requested.”

Art. 2, 5:

The investigation on the alleged miracles must be made separately to that on the virtues, on the offering of life and on martyrdom.”

Art. 7,1:

“Study the causes entrusted to them with outside collaborators and prepare the Positions on the virtues, on the offering of life or on martyrdom.”

Art. 13, 2:

If the Congress judges that the cause was instructed according to the norms of law, it will establish to entrust it to one of the Rapporteurs; the Rapporteur, in turn, aided by an outside collaborator, will do the Positio on the virtues, on the offering of life and on the martyrdom, according to the rules of the hagiographic critique.

Art. 6

The following articles of Normae Servandae in Inquisitionibus ab Episcopis Facendis in Causis Sanctorum mentioned have been modified thus:

Art. 7

“The cause can be recent or old: it is said recent if the martyrdom, the virtues or the offering of life of the Servant of God can be proved through the oral depositions of eye witnesses; it is said old when the proofs relative to martyrdom or to virtues can only be drawn from written sources.”

Art. 10, 1:

“In recent or old causes, a biography of a certain historical value on the Servant of God , if it exists or, if it does not exist, a precise chronological report on the life and activities of the Servant of God, on the virtues, or on the offering of life or on the martyrdom, on the reputation of holiness and of miracles, without omitting what seems contrary or less favourable to the cause itself.”

Art. 10, 3:

“In recent causes only, a list of persons that can contribute to explore the truth on the virtues or on the offering of life or on the martyrdom of the Servant of God, as well as his reputation of holiness and of miracles, or opposed to them.”

Art. 15, a:

“Once the report has been received, the Bishop must send to the Promoter of justice or to another expert everything that was acquired up to this moment, so that he can prepare useful questions to carry out the investigation and bring to light the truth on the life, the virtues, the offering of life or the martyrdom, the reputation for holiness, of the offering of life or of the martyrdom of the Servant of God.”

Art 15, b:

“In old causes, the questions must only concern the reputation for holiness, the offering of life or the martyrdom still present and, if it is the case, the devotion rendered to the Servant of God in more recent times.”

Art. 19:

“To prove martyrdom, the exercise of virtues or the offering of life and the reputation of miracles of a Servant of God who belonged to an Institute of Consecrated Life, the witnesses present must be, to a great extent, outsiders, unless that is impossible, by reason of the particular life of the Servant of God.

Art. 32:

“The investigation on the miracles must be instructed separately from the investigation on the virtues and on the offering of life or on the martyrdom and must unfold according to the following norms.”

Art. 36:

“Prohibited in churches are the celebrations of any type or the panegyrics on the Servants of God whose holiness of life is still subject to a legitimate examination. But also outside the church, it is necessary to abstain from acts that could induce the faithful to consider wrongly that the investigation ,carried out by the Bishop on the life and the virtues, on the martyrdom or on the offering of life of the Servant of God, implies the certitude of the future Canonization of the Servant of God in question.”

I order that all that I have ruled by this Apostolic Letter under the form of a Motu Proprio be observed in all its parts, despite anything to the contrary, even worthy of a particular mention, and I establish that it be promulgated through publication in the daily L’Osservatore Romano,” coming into force the same day of the promulgation and that it then be inserted in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

Given at Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on July 11, the fifth of our Pontificate.

Italian original & Latin translation: Lettera Apostolica in forma di Motu Proprio “maiorem hac dilectionem” sull’offerta della vita, 11.07.2017

Why can’t the Vatican just tell us who isn’t a saint these days?

There would be a whole lot less confusion.

Francis is a globalist who wants austerity for you and your family!

Listen to the sheer ‘stupidity’ of this ‘humble’ man...

Francis says that the biggest expenses in life are the essentials: food, medicine, and clothing.  After that follows cosmetics (beauty products) and then pets!  Don’t believe him?  Francis says he has the statistics! 

His answer AUSTERITY!!!

Francis conveniently omits usury, rents, insurance, automobile costs, mortgages, taxes, regulation, children, and education!  This is telling as it shows truly who his bosses are. 


Francis’ video message to the Congress of Scholas at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“Building peace through the culture of encounter”

— English transcript —

In this moment, young people and adults of Israel, Palestine and other parts of the world, of different nationalities, creeds and realities, all of us breathe the same air, we step upon the same ground, our common home.

Your stories are many — each one has their own. There are as many stories as there are people, but life is one.

That’s why I want to celebrate these days you’ve lived in Jerusalem, because you yourselves, from your differences, achieved unity. No one taught you this. You lived it.

You had the courage to look each other in the eyes, to look at each other unguardedly, and that is indispensable for an encounter to take place. In the unguardedness of your gaze, there aren’t any answers; there is openness. Openness to everything that is other, that is not me. Looking each other in the eye without pretense or prejudice, we become receptive to life.

Life doesn’t pass us by. It intersects us and moves us and this is passion. Once one is open to life and to others, to the one I have beside me, an encounter happens, and this encounter gives meaning.

We all have meaning. We all have meaning in life. None of us is a “no.” We all are a “yes.”

We are all a “yes,” and that is why, when we find meaning, it is as if our soul were expanding. And we need to put this meaning into words. We need to give it a shape to contain it; to express, in some way, what has happened to us. And that is creation.

In addition, when we realize that life has meaning and that this meaning overflows beyond us, we need to celebrate it. We need a festivity, as a human expression of the celebration of meaning.

It is then that we find the deepest feeling possible—a feeling that exists in us due to and in spite of everything, due to everything and in spite of everything. This feeling is gratitude.

Scholas grasps that this is what education is about. Education opens us to the unknown, and brings us to that place in which the waters have not yet been parted. Free of prejudice. That is to say, free of previous judgments that hold us back, so that, from there, we can dream and seek new paths.

This is why, as adults, we cannot take away from our children and young people the capacity to dream, nor to play, which in a certain way is a form of dreaming while awake. If we don’t allow children to play, it is because we do not know how to play, and if we do not know how to play, then we do not understand gratitude, nor gratuity, nor creativity.

This encounter has taught us that we have an obligation to listen to the young and create a context of hope so that those dreams can grow and be shared. When a dream is shared, it becomes the utopia of a whole people: the possibility of creating a new way of living. Our utopia, that of all those who in some way are part of Scholas, is to create through this education a culture of encounter.

We can unite as persons, valuing the diversity of cultures, to achieve not unity, but harmony. How much this atomized world needs it! This world which fears whoever is different, which, based not this fear, sometimes builds walls that end up making real our worst nightmare: to live as enemies. What a great need this world has of going out to meet others!

This is why I thank you today—adults, the academic faculty and staff of Hebrew University and of so many universities throughout whole world who are present there—for not closing in on yourselves, and for placing your valuable knowledge at the service of listening.

And I thank all the young people of Israel and Palestine, and the guests from other countries around the world, for having the courage to dream, to search for meaning, to create, to thank, to celebrate, and to put your minds, hands and hearts to work to make a culture of encounter a reality. Thank you very much.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Francis takes his revolution to the Vatican’s proletariat

What do you do when the revolution you are promoting has made a colossal mess?  And the media as well as native Romans have rightfully taken their summer siesta ignoring you?  Why you take the revolution to your captive workers in the Vatican.   The common folk in Italy might be turning against you but you can make someone like you and your revolution even if it’s compulsory!  Here are some photos of Francis celebrating his Novus Ordo mess this past Friday in a factory building in the Vatican City State with maintenance staff.

(click images to enlarge)

 All that’s missing is a red cap and red banners.

Casa Santa Marta must have been rented out.

Was the voluntary attendance actually mandatory attendance?

Smile, sour-faced Francis continues to pay you low wages!

Being a revolutionary is tough, sometimes you are all alone.

absurdity at its finest

The July 2017 cover of FQ MillenniuM.

The enemies of Pope Francis 
Here are those who want the pontiff to resign 
The Church of the Poor that excommunicates the Mafiosi and the corrupt is afraid. An inquiry on maneuvers to stop the revolution, while in the confessionals those who are against Bergoglio are absolved. The faith of Mancuso, the science of Malvaldi, the Tuscan masonry lived by Teresa Ciabatti
(English translation of text on the cover)

While Il Tempo is presenting Francis and his revolution as a “big mess”, FQ MillenniuM is blaming parish priests for putting a stop to Bergoglio and his “revolution”.  Ersilio Mattioni writes that he went to confession in several Italian cities and was told by the priests to ignore Francis and everything that he says. The only time it matters what Francis says, according to these priests, is when he is speaking ex cathedra otherwise it’s just an opinion.  Perhaps these priest should read Leo XIII’s Epistola Tua, “Thus, it is an absolute necessity for the simple faithful to submit in mind and heart to their own pastors, and for the latter to submit with them to the Head and Supreme Pastor.” Regardless, this in addition to the blasphemous cover which portrays Francis as St. Sebastian, who was killed for admonishing the Roman Emperor Diocletian about his persecution of Christians, shows the Novus Ordo for the absurdity that it is.

All is fair in love and war — and Opus Dei

This is Randy Engel’s follow-up piece to “All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain”, concerning the E. Michael Jones — Michael Voris Affair.  We must applaud Engel for the research she did in this article, especially exposing the concept of “pillería” which was espoused by the late José María Mariano Escriba Albás (aka Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer).  “Pillería” means ‘dirty tricks’, in other words — lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, etc... — breaking the Ten Commandments.  Escrivá wrote in his book, Christ is Passing By, “Be imitators of God, ... cooperating humbly but fervently in the divine purpose of mending what is broken, of saving what is lost, of bringing back to order what sinful man has put out of order, of leading to its goal what has gone astray, of re-establishing the divine balance of all creation.”  Escrivá through Opus (Ju)Dei instructed his “apostolates” to use “pillería” in the banking, financial and business worlds at what he termed,  “Christianized capitalism”.  With this “Christianized capitalism” and “pillería” his “apostolates” will mend God’s creation or perform “Tikkun Olam”.  How diabolical and evil to think that one can perfect what God has created much less to perfect it by doing evil.  Sadly, the rank-and-file mind controlled members of the Opus (Ju)Dei cult continue to march blank-faced to the beating of the Kabbalistic drum, thinking it Catholicism.  We at Call Me Jorge... hope and pray that Randy Engel will continue to bring to light the degeneracy of Opus (Ju)Dei particularly its role in covering-up the sex crimes of the Novus Ordo clergy including Cardinal Pell through its proxies in the media.

Engel’s original article:

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Four years ago Francis made his ‘symbolic’ trip to Lampedusa

and began the process of accelerating
the de-Christianizing of Europe 

All in the names of “mercy” and “compassion” 
and combatting the “culture of indifference”

Francis loves to harp about NGOs but is onboard
with their plan to de-Christianize Europe

Francis can’t even get his own house in order...

...and yet he is giving advise to others, which
if taken will bring further ruin upon their houses.